Past PhD Students

List of My Past PhD Students — Chronological Order

  1. Mick Smith (PhD Statistics, 2003), Thesis Title: Bayesian Sensor Fusion for Multi-Modal Sensing in Battleground Scenarios.
  2. Rob Neher (PhD Statistics, 2004), Thesis Title: Bayesian Markov Random Field Framework for Terrain Labeling Using Hyperspectral Imaging.
  3. Dave Kaziska (PhD Statistics, 2005), Thesis Title: Statistical Models on Shape Spaces with Applications to Human Gait Recognition.
  4. Evgenia Rubenshtein (PhD Statistics, 2006), Thesis Title: Optimal Linear Representations of Images Under Diverse Criteria.
  5. Shantanu Joshi (PhD EcE, 2007), Thesis Title: Inferences in Shapes Spaces with Applications to Computer Vision. 
  6. Chafik Samir (PhD CS, 2007, Univ. of Lille, France), Co-supervised with Prof. Mohamed Daoudi), Thesis Title: Analyse des Deformations des Visage 3D Utilisant les Chemins Geodesiques dans L’Espace des Surface Faciales.
  7. Nikolay Balov (PhD Statistics, 2009), Thesis Title: Covariance on Manifolds.
  8. Moeti Ncube (PhD Statistics, 2009), Co-supervised with Prof. James Doran of FSU. Thesis Title: Stochastic Models and Inferences for Commodity Pricing.
  9. Muffasir Badshah (PhD Statistics, 2010), Co-supervised with Prof. Paul Beaumont of FSU. Thesis Title: Computation of the Wealth Distribution in a Heterogeneous Agent Economy.
  10. Sentibaleng Ncube (PhD Statistics, 2011), Thesis Title: A Novel Riemannian Metric for Analyzing Spherical Functions with Applications to HARDI Data.
  11. Wei Liu (PhD Statistics, 2011), Co-supervised with Jinfeng Zheng, Thesis Title: A Riemannian Framework for Annotated Curve Analysis.
  12. Sebastian Kurtek (PhD Statistics, 2012), Thesis Title: Riemannian Shape Analysis of Curves and Surfaces.
  13. Jingyong Su (PhD Statistics, 2013), Thesis Title: Statistical Analysis of Trajectories on Riemannian Manifolds.
  14. Jose Laborde (PhD Statistics, 2013), Co-supervised with Jinfeng Zheng, Thesis Title: Elastic Shape Analysis of RNAs and Proteins.
  15. Darshan Bryner (PhD Statistics, 2013), Co-supervised with Eric Klassen, Thesis Title: 2D Affine and Projective Shape Analysis, and Bayesian Elastic Active Contours.
  16. Derek Tucker (PhD Statistics 2014), Co-supervised with Wei Wu, Thesis Title: Functional Component Analysis and Regression Using Elastic Methods.
  17. Michael Rosenthal (PhD Statistics 2014), Co-supervised with Wei Wu, Thesis Title: Parametric and Nonparametric Spherical Regression With Diffeomorphisms.
  18. Wade Henning (PhD Statistics, 2014), Thesis Title: A Framework for Comparing Shape Distributions.
  19. Zhengwu Zhang (PhD Statistics, 2015), Thesis Title: Geometric Approaches for Analysis of Images, Densities, and Trajectories on Manifolds.
  20. Qian Xie (PhD Statistics, 2015), Thesis Title: Tools for Statistical Analysis on Shape Spaces of Three-Dimensional Objects.
  21. Fillipe De Souza (PhD in Computer Science at USF, Tampa, FL, 2016; Co-advisor with Prof. Sudeep Sarkar as the main advisor), Thesis Title: Semantic Description of Videos with Pattern Theory.
  22. Lian Hsuan Tai (PhD in Mathematics, 2017; Co-advisor with Prof. Kyle Gallivan), Thesis Title: Trend and Variable Phase Seasonality Estimation from Functional Data.
  23. Adam Duncan (PhD Statistics, 2018), Thesis Title: Statistical Shape Analysis of Neuronal Tree Structures.  
  24. Kyungmin Ahn (PhD Statistics, 2018). Thesis Title:  Elastic Functional Regression Models
  25. Megan Duncan (PhD in Statistics, 2018): Thesis Title: Elastic Functional Component Analysis for Modeling and Testing of Functional Data.
  26. Xiaoming Dong (PhD Statistics, 2019), Thesis Title: Bayesian Estimation of Neuronal fiber Tracts Using Diffusion Tensor MRI Data.
  27. Sutanoy Dasgupta (PhD Statistics, 2019), Thesis Title: Shape Based Function Estimation.
  28. Ruiyi Zhang (PhD Statistics, 2019), Thesis Title: Statistical Modeling and Testing of Shapes of Planar Objects.
  29. Mengyu Dai (PhD Statistics, 2020), Thesis Title: Inferences from Longitudinal Image Data Using SPDM Trajectories.
  30. Xiaoyang Guo (PhD Statistics, 2020), Thesis Title: Geometrical Tools for Statistical Analysis of Graphical Shapes.

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